"Living people ignore the strange and unusual... we ourselves are strange and unusual."

Other World Tours is the creative project of intelletual explorer Daniel Veksler. Its mission is to provide cultural and historical inspiration and education by tapping into the natural curiosity of NYC visitors and city-dwellers. 



Dan Veksler (Founder, Historian, Tour Guide)

Dan Veksler is a journalist, historian, musician, and Russian translator. Born on the haunted banks of the Neva River in an Atlantis now called St. Petersburg, he was brought to the new world at a crucial moment of his development: he mutated into a translucent in-between figure - home nowhere - a shade.


He made the archaic monster New York City his home at age 20 - the perfect place for a homeless romantic to continue his beautiful decline with a largely self-inflicted education and an insatiable drowning thirst for decaying traces of Eden. New York is a reflection of St. Petersburg: both cities are underwater, and inhabited by ghosts and fish.


Dan Veksler is a resident of the other side of places. With over a decade of life in New York, Dan Veksler is intimate with the shades of the shipwreck city. A necromancer, he makes them stand in vivid relief from the buildings and parks. In his company, places come alive in unlikely ways.




Photo Credit: Stephen MacDougall Graham